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Welcome To My Site

Welcome, to my More, "Updated" version Of The Void. I am Thee Unholy Keeper of this side of the internet, and you are Welcome to look Around and learn some of these things (which you might already know or dont know) that i have bunched up together in one place "THE VOID", But you Should Know that I am Not The Best Teacher, or web desiner, And some information may be wrong or missing, And That the Void Is Never Full, It'll Always need Work. One Piece of advice i Could give you before exploreing this somewhat quite corner of the web, is to be dedicated to learning, If you are not dedicated to learning to play, dont try because it wont be fun for you.

Not So Recent Picture Of Brando

Photo of Me

About Brando

First, My name Is Brendon, And i was born in OC California on October 30th 19**, my current whereabouts are going to be kept unknown, for privacy reasons (obviously), but beyond that, i was raised in a decent town Called Stanton, and i have seen many things and met many people, a few of which i call my friends, and these friends taught me many different things and some of these things i put on this website to Teach You, and As Far As Reading Gose Hopefully itll make scence

[lots Of Pictures Will Be Added, And Hopfully Videos]

I Am a Rythem Guitarist

So Aside of creating An unfinished First/Second Web Site, I Play the Guitar And am Part Of a "Band", well Will be, As Soon AS we get A Drumset And Start Practicing A Few Songs so we Can record.

(Who Ever REALLY Finishes A web Site Anyway?)

More On Joe And The Site

When I First Started Playing, I had the help Of a Friend I met Earlier In My Life (Joe), He Tought Me What He knows And Still Dose to to this day, As My Skills Reach Less Then Half Of his, BUT I Know enough to cough up some Licks, But even so i had a Hard Time Understanding it So I turned to the Internet for Help, But the Internet, As useful as it could have been, was A Jumble Of INFORMATION that i Couldn't For The Life of Me, Figure out what it all ment, So While I Began To Decipher All (after a Year) I ended up learning A Lot, But Now That I Look Back It Was Hard And I wish It was Easier. So I made "The Void", A Some what basic Understanding On What The Guitar has to Offer For Early Players, I Will Eventually Add Photos To Make it a bit more Understandable